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ASEAN Gaming Summit 2023

The winners of each category will be awarded by the industry, a Judging Panel and members of the Organizing Committee. An intensive three-step process is being employed to identify the winners in each category, thereby ensuring that the results are fair and independent. Results will be audited by an independent third party.

The 2023 winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, which will take place on the evening of Tuesday, 21 March 2023 at the Manila Marriott Hotel, as part of the ASEAN Gaming Summit 2023.

The Awards Process


The industry is invited to submit their nominations for each category. The members of the Judging Panel, who are experts in their relevant fields, will also submit their nominations. The Organizing Committee will review the validity of all nominations for relevance and standing.


Up to five nominees will be shortlisted per award category. The shortlisted nominees will be determined by tallying the submissions from the industry stakeholders and the Judging Panel. The Organizing Committee will review and confirm the results. Decisions by the Organizing Committee are final and without appeal.


Judges: Will rate the shortlisted nominees in five category-specific criteria; Voting is private and confidential. No one judge will be aware of which Award categories his peers have been selected to vote on beyond his own.

Auditing: Stringent measures are employed to ensure a transparent and fair voting process. Results will be audited by an independent third party, DSL Lawyers.

Awards Ceremony

All category winners will only be announced at the Awards Ceremony Dinner on Tuesday, 21 March 2023. The evening’s attire is smart business for a celebration filled with entertainment and mingling with the gaming industry leaders and stakeholders from across the region.

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